Advanced Extraction, LLC is passionate about offering the highest quality plant based products. Specializing in natural products affords us many opportunities to offer new and unique products into the marketplace.  Product creation from plant materials is the most sustainable and efficient manner to supply our world’s inhabitants with its product needs while having the smallest impact on our planet.

Through our alliances with select partners, we are able to maintain quality control across the entire process for those Brands that wish to utilize our suppliers. These suppliers range from growers of raw plant material, extraction, formulating, production and co-packing, to product development allowing Advanced Extraction to focus on distribution and retail of its select Brands.

With compassion at the heart of our business, all the quality goods we distribute are created through ethical, eco-friendly business practices that respect all the earth’s inhabitants. Advanced Extraction requires it Brands to certify that its products are:
• 100% plant based and cruelty-free (vegan)
• Non-GMO
• Non-synthetic