About Us

Advanced Extraction, LLC is a cannabis business specializing in Organically produced Industrial Hemp. Our divisions of production are dedicated to forward movement.


Through a passion for Hemp our goal is to continue to raise awareness through practices that promote sustainability. We are ardent about offering the highest quality plant-based products. Our belief is that we have a personal role in creating the world we envision through service in our local and global communities. “Compassion is Growing”, guiding our work through relationships seeking to raise collective awareness.


Our innovative Company aspires to serve our environment, community, employees, partners, clients and customers through conscious business practices that strive toward everything being done by working and living consciously. “A Healthy Plant requires Strong Roots to Grow.”


Advanced Extraction sets best business practices in the nation’s fastest growing industry by transforming perception through the inspiring value of Hemp as a daily part of living. We elevate client experience by providing an abundance of high-grade Hemp CBD products that benefit human and animal health. Our commitment to compassion is faithfully demonstrated in every aspect of our organization and its divisions. Specializing in self-sufficient output affords us many opportunities. Through our alliances with select partners we can maintain quality control across the organization, continue to supply our customers with their distinctive needs.

Our Beliefs

With compassion at the heart of our business all the quality goods we distribute are created through ethical means. Hemp and other plant-based products deplete fewer resources and create less waste. Everything is done with the idea that by working and living with best interests we can also inspire others. Therefore, we embrace diversity, celebrate individuality, and advocate a spirit of cooperation. Our products and practices ensure employment standards because every position at Advanced Extraction is vital to a quality operation and the satisfaction of our Customers. We have a personal role in helping to normalize and raise collective awareness of sustainability through cultivation, extraction, processing, and refining of Organically produced Industrial Hemp Products.