Green House Growing System, (GGS):

GGS is the Company’s raw material supplier and cultivator. It’s responsibilities include young plant production of farm inputs up to Mother Plants, breeding and seed development, as well as the full cycle flowering of plants to produce high-grade flower in both indoor and outdoor grows. GGS’s genetic development department is dedicated to creating new genetics for both seed and vegetative material. We have been supplying young plants for indoor and outdoor production since 2015, and effective as of 2019, GGS has developed strategic farming programs to secure and develop additional biomass creation for its vertical integration.

Advanced Plant Processing (APP):

APP does more than Extracting and Processing of biomass into crude; it is horizontally integrated because our process has many stages after the initial extract of crude or natural full spectrum CBD. Additions to processing refinement include distillate, isolate, broad spectrum, and narrow spectrum extracts. APP holds the “PCR Inside” distinction- registered at powering CBD products across the world with premium CBD content of Phyto-Cannabinoid rich extracts.

Alliance Nutra (AN):

Alliance Nutra offers tincture, soft gels and vape products. During 2019, AN will add topicals, edibles, canned and bottled beverages. AN is responsible for custom formulations of products including water soluble, transdermal, liposomal and cannabinoid specific formulations. Moreover, in 2019 we will be able to store inventory and offer drop shipping. Alliance Nutra is a complete fulfillment solution for any Brand!

Pure Hemp Botanicals (PHB):

Pure Hemp Botanicals offers a full line of Hemp CBD products. It is our flagship brand and 100% plant-based, vegan and cruelty free. We offer a variety of sales options to our customers including wholesale, distributor, B2C direct, and a special PHB Care Club which offers high need customers our CBD products at a discounted rate with as much as 50% off the retail prices. The client’s health is our passion!